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Back-end Developer
Front-end Developer
Web Developer
QA Engineer
Test Engineer
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Expert
Neural Networks Specialist
Interface Designer
Product Manager
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About Yandex

Yandex is one of the largest IT companies in Europe. We build intelligent products and services powered by machine learning all over the world.

Russia's leading search engine on mobile

According to Yandex.Radar

Russia’s leading music streaming service with over 2 million subscribers

According to Yandex.Music

World’s first and only profitable ride-hailing service

According to

Over 100 self-driving vehicles currently tested on public roads in the US, Russia, and Israel

According to

30 offices in 10 countries across the world

According to

Listed on the NASDAQ since 2011

According to

Practicum is
an educational platform

Our courses are created using knowledge that you won't find in any textbook. With our intensive 6 to 10-month IT career advancement programs, Practicum by Yandex bridges the gap between short-term online courses and full-time internships.

Practice makes perfect
Our courses focus on practical knowledge and skills. We make sure you know how to apply them.
We're here for you
Our mentors will guide you every step of the way to keep you on the right track.
You'll get it
We keep our explanations short and sweet to make things as clear as possible. The examples you work with come from real projects.
Over 10 years of experience training top-level engineers
We also offer training programs in Israel and courses on Coursera.


Get a new job or a promotion within first 6 months, or get your money back

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Develop the inner workings of websites and apps. Sculpt internal components invisible to a user’s eye.
Build infrastructures to ensure that data is reliably stored, processed, and delivered to analytical systems without delay.
Neural Networks
Create neural networks and train them to solve practical problems.
Design the look and feel of apps and websites, make them user-friendly and captivating.
Control quality of a finished product. Develop test scenarios and make sure the product works exactly as it should.
Algorithms and Data structures
Essential tools for engineers that will make you more appealing to lead tech companies.
Middle frontend developer
Develops scalable and maintainable web applications. Areas of expertise include architecture and algorithms.
C++ developer
Writes code that can be applied universally across the industry, from web browsers to game development.

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