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How to Become
a Front-end Developer

Front-end developers build websites using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They understand the processes involved in developing and publishing websites. They use the Git technology to collaborate and Webpack to configure their projects. Our aim is to teach you how to use the essential tools for becoming a front-end developer.

Salary of a Front-end Developer

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What You’ll Get

You will master the skills required to become a front-end developer and build a portfolio of projects during the 7 months, 10 hour per week training course. Projects you will work on:

Single-page Website
Master the basics of layout design and programming while learning how to study efficiently.
Adaptive Landing
Learn to make a site that adjusts its layout and behavior based on the platform being used, whether it's a phone, tablet, or desktop.
Photo Web App
Set up a server and create an API, connect a server to a database, and configure user authentification.

About Yandex

Yandex is one of the largest IT companies in Europe. We build intelligent products and services powered by machine learning all over the world.

#1 search engine in the local market since 1997

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#1 music streaming service in the local market with over 2 million subscribers

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Yandex.Taxi merger with Uber

Link to Uber

Self-driving cars demo at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

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Yandex has 30 offices worldwide and has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2011

Link to NASDAQ website

You will Study in a Unique Technological Environment

Full immersion in the world of IT involves constant exposure to industry technologies and using them to carry out hands-on projects while keeping in regular contact with your mentor. We've developed our own exclusive learning environment to help you do just that.


Interactive Online Platform

You'll start performing real-life tasks from day one. Information is given to you bit by bit, which you will apply immediately by writing your own code in our interactive platform.


Independent Work

The interactive platform is just one part of the overall learning process. You will acquire the essential skills while working on real-life projects using the same tools as professional developers.


Mentor Support

Our professional team of mentors will check and review your code, help you to overcome any difficulties and even give you the professional advice to help you succeed.

Who are Your Mentors?

They are experienced developers from Yandex and other prominent IT companies. Some of them made careers in IT after leaving their previous jobs. Just like you, they had to start from the ground up.

Professional Certificate

Upon completing your 7-month course, you'll be awarded with a certificate that you can take to future job interviews. This, along with the portfolio of projects you'll amass during the course, will prove your proficiency in front-end development to potential employers.

Price Breakdown

Introductory Course —
$100            per month

Try your hand at front-end development by going through the basics. The programming experience you gain will give you an idea of your abilities and motivation and help you decide whether you want to continue.
  • you will receive access to the first course on our interactive platform
  • 20 hours of free skill and knowledge acquisition
  • 215 practical tasks

Paid Course —
$140 $100            per month

For 7 months of training

You can keep going after you complete the free course. This is where the fun truly begins.
  • full access to the interactive platform
  • a 260 hour-long professional course
  • mentor support
  • a professional certificate
  • skills and knowledge required by the industry
  • and a 5-project portfolio

Your Program


HTML, CSS, and JS basics: Free introductory course

20 hours

We'll take you through the bare necessities of HTML and CSS syntax, covering the most basic tags and style properties that will allow you to manage things such as color, font, and block positions on page. You'll do this by working on four separate projects in our exclusive platform. You'll also write a program in JavaScript to make the page interactive.


Advanced HTML and CSS

40 hours

Here you'll gain an in-depth knowledge of HTML semantics and master the essentials of CSS for working in the real world, such as Flexbox, element layout, creating animations, and working with forms.

1 project for your portfolio

1-week break
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HTML and CSS: Adaptive web design and working with layouts


JavaScript: Theory and practice

100 hours

Full immersion in JavaScript. You’ll explore all types of data written in JavaScript and refine your skills by working with conditions, loops, and functions. You’ll also learn more complex concepts like object-oriented and functional programming, asynchronous behavior and closures, API data exchange using AJAX techniques, and the next-gen ES6 standard.

1 project for your portfolio

1-week break

Web app infrastructure

40 hours

Creating a modern website requires an entire ecosystem of supporting tools and software. You’ll learn how to set up a web application environment. The most important tools are the Git version control system, Node.js environment, node package manager (npm), and Webpack; a system that automates project builds.

1 project for your portfolio

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Final project

40 hours

The last month of your training will culminate in a final project, in which you'll prove your newly-gained knowledge and skills. During this time there won’t be any homework or theory, just real-world experience: working on tasks, hitting deadlines, acquiring new skills, and figuring out how to solve problems on your own.

1 final project for your portfolio


Start Your Free Course

Try your hand at front-end development by getting a handle on the basics.

Is this the career for me?
This is exactly what our free course will help you decide. Work your way through 20 hours of free material if you’re still not sure whether this profession is for you.
Is it possible to get a new profession in 7 месяцев?
We believe so, assuming that you dedicate no less than 10 hours a week to studying, completing assignments on time, and keeping in touch with your mentor. In 7 месяцевs you will acquire the necessary skills, put a portfolio together, and start a new career.
How do I start?
All you need is high school education and a willingness to study at least 10 hours a week.
Who will teach me?
The course is put together by experienced educators, methodologists, and professionals from Yandex, School of Data Analysis, and other professionals at the forefront of the IT industry.
How is studying arranged?
There are three main components — theoretical breakdown followed by practical tasks on our interactive online platform, assignments to practice on your own, and coding under your mentor's supervision. You can practice on our platform at any time that is convenient for you, but assignment completion is time-restricted.
What if I can't keep up with the workload?
If during the course you realize that you need to take a break or get some extra time to practice, you can take a month-long academic leave. Our program's schedule also includes two-week-long study breaks.
Will I be able to find work when I'm done?
You will, but it won't be easy. The market needs skills in addition to knowledge. We'll teach you how to apply knowledge and help you build a portfolio of practical projects, but making a name for yourself takes a lot of work. In the end, the more projects there are in your portfolio, the better your chances are of landing a job at a reputable company.
How will you help me get a job?
At Practicum, we strive to help you reach your full professional and personal potential, which is why we've developed a two-step support system for our graduates. First, we offer an optional career prep course where you have to complete weekly assignments aimed at helping you speak the same language as your employers. During the course, you will study and practice networking, as well as learn job interview techniques and work on perfecting your resume and portfolio. Secondly, we will share our researched market insights that will help you choose the right career path. After you complete the course, our staff will guide you through current job opportunities and help you better grasp the situation through networking and resume sourcing. Should you have any particular issues getting hired, you will receive personal help. Please note that help with finding a job can only be given to those who are eligible to work in the US.
Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?
The short answer is yes, whenever you want. Of course, if you've already gone through some of the course, you will only receive your money back for the uncompleted part. You can read about this in more detail in our terms and conditions.
Do I need any previous knowledge of math and algorithms?
Our overall goal is to make a junior developer think in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just like people begin to think in a new foreign language when they start learning it. All you need for this is basic middle-school math. If you’d like to become a middle or senior specialist, then you’ll have some exercises in math and algorithmic thinking. A special course for these key skills is currently in the works.