Senior Product Manager

About us

Created by engineers from Yandex, a top tech company, Practicum is an online coding bootcamp aimed at sparking career change. Our mission is to give anyone, regardless of their background, a chance to master an in-demand and rewarding profession in tech. We stand on the quality of our programs; if our students don’t secure a position within six months of graduating, we guarantee to refund their money. As a company that values educational transparency and relevance, we are looking to hire people who share these sentiments and are ready to support our students on their journey to a new, exciting career.

More than 5,000 students have already chosen Practicum by Yandex. And we need your product management expertise to keep our bootcamp both competitive and innovative. You in?

What will you need to do as senior product manager?

Product & Strategy

  • Defining and leading the retention strategy for Data programs at Practicum USA (making sure students stay or return for the first 1-3 months of study)
  • Gathering and prioritizing problems faced by potential students.
  • Identifying hypotheses and collecting insights.
  • Experimenting and product refactoring to improve the retention rate.

Team & Processes

  • Operational support and development of the team environment facilitating the delivery of increments by the team each sprint.
  • Updating the backlog and working through the tasks related to platform improvements, design, and development, guiding the experiments and improvements to production.
  • Tracking and facilitating the work of team members, focusing on achieving objectives.
  • Ensuring a transparent product cycle process, from the backlog to delivering results to students.

About you

  • Team management experience:

    • You have practical experience in team management and the know-how to respectfully interact with the team. You see potential in people and help them grow professionally.
    • You know how to turn the potential and expertise of team members into real product impact.
    • You know how to compile a team of people who are all working towards a common goal and can predict how work processes will be affected.
  • Successful product management experience:

    • You have experience solving business problems with the help of product work. Ideally, you have already dealt with product retention at the PMF search stage.
    • You know how to create and maintain artifacts (CJM, Roadmap, hypotheses descriptions, briefs, technical requirements) that help the product team synchronize the process of distributing results with stakeholders, subcontractors, and task assignees.
  • High standards:

    • You know how to carefully ground visionary initiatives in the realities of student needs and business limitations, and can directly and clearly justify your decisions.
    • You are ready to green-light innovative initiatives that the team hasn't tried yet.
    • You choose the best way to accomplish a task depending on the situation and understand that "scaffolds" and "mvp" are not always bad practices.
  • Empathy for students:

    When students are starting a new profession, adapting to a new environment, acquiring new skills, and taking on a grueling job search, they're embarking on a heroic journey. Our task is to make this journey as manageable as possible while remaining sensitive to student needs.

  • Interest and experience in education:

    • Professional career experience or your own educational experience (online or offline) that you can reflect on.
    • Knowledge of different educational approaches and successful cases.

What can we offer you?

  • Remote, full-time work

  • $120.000 - $190.000 / annual. The compensation rate will be defined after the interview

  • 15 business days of paid vacation per year

  • Medical insurance and benefit plans

  • Career growth. Our product and team is quickly expanding

  • Exceptional teammates. We love what we do and we love our team

  • Cross-cultural work experience. Work with a globally distributed workforce of talented individuals

    We're excited to get to know you and talk further about your role on our team.

Thu Nov 25 2021 11:00:40 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)