Edtech CMO // consulting

Practicum is an online, part-time bootcamp that teaches people the skills they need to become tech professionals. We help them to study alongside their current occupation and help them to find a job when they graduate.

We've been operating in the US for over a year now, with some of our first graduates hired into tech positions at top-tier companies such as Tesla and Microsoft. We offer a strong curriculum that evolves with the job market, a proprietary platform for learning with interactive practice tasks and projects, as well as comprehensive guidance from professionals in the tech industry.

Current Challenges

  • Identifying a narrow target audience that reacts to Practicum's value proposition strongly.

  • Tapping into growth potential that the product can deliver well.

  • Lowering acquisition cost to position ourselves for sustainable growth.


  • Experience improving acquisition and sales pipelines in bootcamps, coding schools, or other niches with $4k+ product pricing.
  • Hands-on understanding of post-secondary professional education audiences, segments, and expectations.
  • Preferred: Experience in B2C post-secondary edtech marketing and sales, bootcamps, or coding schools preferred.
  • Preferred: experience in driving growth in a product pre- product-market fit and post-PMF as well.


  • Audit of Practicum's market and growth strategy, as well as concrete marketing components: acquisition, positioning, funnels, and sales pipeline.

  • Highlight problem areas and provide recommendations.

  • Run through several iterations of experiments together in marketing/growth, contributing to experiment design, tracking team's progress along the way, and analyzing results together.

We offer

• Remote work
• Part-time: 3-10hrs/week
• Competitive pay

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