Practicum is an educational platform from Yandeх. Practicum offers intensive 10-month career advancement programs in tech. Our courses teach things that one won't find in textbooks. For Data Analysis and Data Science Programs we are looking for an experienced Data Analyst / Data Scientist to tutor our students.

What will I do as a tutor?

As a tutor you will assist students throughout the educational process by answering questions, helping with any difficulties, sharing your experience and giving them practical advice through video webinars and Slack chats. You will have a group of ~30-50 students.

I want to be a tutor. What are the job requirements?

•  Explain topics in Python, Python libraries, SQL, statistics, mathematics, machine learning, data visualization tools in a way that students will understand
• Know how to perform a/b testing
• Have been working in the US tech industry for 2+ years
• Some educational content video recordings (on YouTube or other platforms) is a plus
• Teaching or tutoring experience is a plus
• Ready to dedicate at least seven hours a week to this project

I'm a good fit! What can you offer me?

• Remote, part-time job
• A monthly fixed salary  Free training for tutors
• Cross-cultural work experience in tutoring and giving webinars
• An opportunity to become a part of an international community of developers

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